Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

At PKSA Karate we train in the art of Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do is a method of empty hand and foot fighting based on the scientific use of the body in self defense. Tang Soo Do teaches us through consistent training, we will become the very best we can physically and mentally be. For more information on Tang So Do and the Origins, please refer to Our Art page.

Anyone who would like to benefit from what PKSA University has to offer and is not a current student at one of our PKSA Karate locations or does not live in a city where a PKSA Karate school is located can join. People of all ages and fitness levels have benefited from training with PKSA Karate and will also do so through PKSA University. Adults of all ages, teens, and even children can train. Depending on the age of the child, we suggest that a parent or adult train along with the child to assist if needed in order for him/her to get the most from the experience.

Current PKSA students are not eligible for PKSA University membership. If you discontinue training at your PKSA location, there is a waiting period of two years before you are eligible to join PKSA University.

Each class video is meant to be watched and practiced for one week. For beginner belts (White through Orange Stripe), the minimum time for testing for the next level would be the number of weeks equivalent to the number of class videos for that belt level. For example, White belt has 4 class videos, so the minimum time before someone could test would be 4 weeks. Yellow belt has 5 class videos, so the minimum time before testing would be 5 weeks.

For intermediate and advance belts (Green Belt and above), the minimum wait time between testings is three months.

In addition to your membership fee, there is a testing fee of $70 for each Gup belt testing. Included in the price is the cost of our belt and mailing of your certificate and belt as well as the reviewing of your testing video by one of our black belt instructors.

The pricing for Black Belt testing is a separate cost and will be available to students once they have reached Advanced Belt Level.

You do not need a uniform to test for your first testing, Yellow Belt. However, it is a requirement to purchase an official PKSA uniform to test beginning with your second testing level of Yellow Stripe and above.

You will have the opportunity when you sign up for your membership to purchase a uniform at a discounted rate, after that time, the price to purchase one will be the regular rate of $42.

While it's always a great idea to have someone to practice our self defense moves with, if someone is not available, you can still practice and submit your testing video without a partner.

Once you reach the rank of Green Belt, you will qualify to enroll and train in our Instructor Certification Track - Level 1. Once you attain Red Belt, you will qualify for our Level 2 training track and upon obtaining your Black Belt you will qualify for our Level 3 track. You can find out more details by visiting our "Program Track" page. Please note there is an additional cost for all of our Instructor training tracks.

You can cancel your membership at anytime prior to your payment. Of course, we believe once you get started, you will want to continue all the way to receiving your black belt.

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