Who is PKSA Karate University?

PKSA University is an online martial arts training system in the art of Tang Soo Do. It was developed to give everyone worldwide the opportunity to earn their blackbelt online. People of all ages, fitness and experience levels can now train through PKSA University and receive the same training that thousands of PKSA students have benefited from.

Experts with decades of martial arts and self defense experience are part of our team and are trained to bring out the best in You! Our proven PKSA Karate curriculum will make you the very best Black Belt that you can be.

Our curriculum is one of the most comprehensive training systems in the industry. It has been tested and refined over many decades by leading martial arts and self defense experts. That's why we know it works!

Our Lineage - Our Roots Go Deep

Our Art

The Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do is a classical martial art concerned with traditional martial ways, form and aesthetics. The martial art of Tang Soo Do is relatively modern, but its roots lie in the ancient Korean art of Soo Bahk Do, which can be traced back many centuries. Tang Soo Do is a style composed from three major areas and styles, which are Soo Bahk Do (60%), Northern China Kung Fu (30%) and Southern China Kung Fu (10%) and the Okinawan discipline of Karate. Learn More about our art.

Physical Training of Tang Soo Do

Forms are the foundation of our art. In Korean, a form is called a hyung. The benefits of Hyungs are many. Hyungs teach students balance, body awareness, coordination, and proper breathing. Hyungs also develop strong flexible bodies

In addition to the traditional art, we also teach self defense. In today’s ever increasing violent society we must focus on self defense as the core of our martial art. At PKSA Karate University, we offer the most cutting edge techniques in self defense. Our instructors have several years of training.

Mental training of Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is a journey. Through this journey the student learns not only the physical art of Tang Soo Do, but also the principals necessary to develop “every aspect of self.” These principals include respect, discipline, perseverance, integrity and honor. We teach these principals through a goal oriented curriculum designed to develop character and life skills

Our Affliate Companies

Meet our PKSA University sister companies. We are strong and growing!

Martial Arts Schools

The Professional Karate Schools of America (PKSA) was founded by Master Richard R. Collins, Jr. in 2000.

PKSA Karate is one of the largest martial arts organizations in the country. There are currently more than 40 locations with more being added on a regular basis. Over 1000 students have earned their black belts through PKSA.

Programs offered at PKSA schools include children programs, Adult/Teen Programs, Fitness & Self Defense classes, Weapons, Leadership Training Program, Certified Instructor Training Program and more.

Community Based
Martial Arts Program

Kids Power Karate is the premier organization for community based martial arts instruction. Kids Power has class offerings for ages 3 to adult and offer classes nationwide!

Programs offered include children's martial arts and safety classes and seminars, family classes, fitness and self defense classes.

Kids Power currently offers community programs in Michigan, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Arizona and are expanding nationwide as a result of the success of this premier program.

Martial Arts Program

Winning Kids is a non-profit company that is committed to changing lives in a positive manner through martial arts.

Our program provides children and families with positive role models to help influence“positive thinking” and good citizenship.

Winning Kids provides fundraiser opportunities to assist with providing at need children & families the benefits of martial arts.

Defense & Tactical
Online Training
Coming Soon to PKSA University

This is a program that is designed for Men and Women and is currently being offered at some of our PKSA locations. It will be coming to PKSA University soon.

The program teaches you how to handle most any situation. It includes hand to hand defense, weapons defense, tactics and home defense.