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Earn a black belt in the art of Tang Soo Do  in the comfort of your own home from a leading Martial Arts organization. Discover how you can .

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We are professionals at changing people's lives through martial arts.
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Your Journey to Black Belt Begins Here

  • You train along with our online class videos

    You will learn and train with the same curriculum as our students at one of our PKSA Karate locations. Each class video instruction is taught just like our classes on site. Each online video class is taught by PKSA Karate's founder & president, Master Collins, Jr, 7th degree black belt.
  • You test for your next belt rank

    Once you have completed all your training requirements for your next belt level, you will be eligible to test for that level. We provide complete, easy to follow instructions for your online testing process which walks you through step by step of filming, uploading, & submission of your belt test for review.
  • Your test is graded by a PKSA certified instructor

    Once you have submitted your test, one of our certified PKSA instructors will review it.  After reviewing, the instructor will provide you with feedback to help you improve as you move forward with your journey to black belt.
  • You receive your official PKSA Karate certificate and belt or stripe

    Upon passing your belt test, you will be mailed a PKSA Karate official certificate of your promoted belt level with your belt and/or stripe.

And Your Journey Continues....

You are one step closer to earning your black belt!